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Specialist in ADHD Screening and Assessment, Coaching and Counseling

Counseling, Training, In-service Presentations, and Public Speaking

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Therapy and Counseling Services

Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy
Individuals are asked to clearly identify problems and goals for counseling.  Sessions then concentrate on moving toward the established goals.  However, at times the client gets stuck and does not make progress toward the goals.   This is due to an unidentified mistaken belief from childhood that is now blocking progress.  When this occurs, it is necessary to explore early family history to discover the interfering belief.  After working through the mistaken belief that is blocking progress, work can continue to move toward the identified goals.

Couples Counseling and Psychotherapy
Couples are usually seen together unless meeting together is problematic.  The couple is asked to identify problems and goals for therapy.  Counseling will focus on resolving the problems that the couple identifies.  However, if the couple becomes stuck and is not making progress it will be necessary to look at early childhood to identify mistaken beliefs that are currently interfering with progress toward accomplishing the agreed upon goals.

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"To know the intention, don't listen to the mouth, watch the feet move"