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Each Manual costs $25 plus $5 shipping

Each DVD costs $20 plus $5 shipping


Manuals and DVDs for ADHD

The ADHD Take Home Testing Manual ~ $25 + $5 shipping

This manual is for use by both professionals and the general public. The
manual contains an ADHD screening and numerous questionnaires for
assessing children, teens and adults. Professionals are allowed to use all
the forms to check out whether clients might have ADHD issues or other
psychological or behavioral problems. Adult and parents who are unable
to afford the cost of assessment for ADHD can use the forms to
determine if ADHD is likely. They can then take all the forms to their
doctor or a psychiatrist to confirm the diagnosis.

The ADHD Strategies Manual for Parents ~ $25 + $5 shipping

This manual has a multitude of one page suggestions and information on
the many issues associated with ADHD. It is easy to find the issue or
concern and practical and easy strategies are suggested to deal with the
issue. Parents have found this manual to be extremely helpful.

The ADHD Strategies Manual for Professionals ~ $25 + $5 shipping

This manual has a screening checklist for ADHD. It also has information
and strategies for working with children, teens and adults who have

ADHD. Each issue is usually on one page and professionals are allowed to
print copies for their clients.

The ADHD Strategies Manual for Educators ~ $25 + $5 shipping

This manual has a screening checklist for ADHD. It also have numerous
strategies for dealing with ADHD students. There are also suggested
ideas for inclusion in IEP’s or 504’s. There is information that helps to
separate ADHD issues for other behavioral issues. Each issue can be
found on one or two pages for quick easy reading.

The Strategies Manual for Adults with ADD/ADHD~ $25 + $5 shipping

ADD/ADHD can be a blessing or a curse. This manual is intended to help those who use it to move away from thinking of ADD/ADHD as a curse and moving toward seeing it as a blessing. It will help adults to understand themselves by addressing the positive value of ADD/ADHD as well as the problems. Each problem area will be addressed and strategies will be broken down into easy steps that will help to handle the problem. They will be short, to make it easy to read and use to resolve each problem. Professionals will also find this manual to be helpful as a guide in helping clients handle the problems commonly associated with this neurological condition.


The Next Step ~ $20 + $5 shipping

An AD/HD specialist outlines steps parents can take to offer their child the greatest chance for success throughout the school years.
This DVD contains the following topics: * Diagnosis * Education Needs * Working with the School * Understanding All the AD/HD Problems * Coaching * Other Psychological Disorders That May Occur * Community Resources for Help

Understanding AD/HD, the Neurological Disorder ~ $20 + $5 shipping

This DVD contains the following topics: * Positive Qualities of Those with AD/HD * Learning Style Differences & Different Kinds of Intelligence * Neurological Problems Associated with AD/HD * Skills Training and Strategy Needs

Strategies for Use at Home ~ $20 + $5 shipping

Parents need strategies for dealing with their ADHD child on a daily basis. This workshop helps parents develop successful ways of dealing with problems at home and learn ways of getting their child through those difficult times of day with a minimum of hassles.
This DVD contains the following topics: * General Tips for Parents * The Difference Between Misbehavior and AD/HD * Skills Training Needs for the AD/HD Child * Problem Solving Techniques * Four Goals of Misbehavior

Parent Strategies for School Issues ~ $20 + $5 shipping

This workshop addresses homework issues, such as strategies to help ADHD children get homework done and turned in on time. Parents learn ways to work with teachers to solve some common school-related problems. The appropriate use of a 504 Plan or Individual Education Plan (IEP) is explained.
This DVD contains the following topics: * Homework Tips * Study Skills Training * Organization of School Materials to Get Homework In * Project Planning for Completion * Advocating for Your Child * Strategies and Accommodations for 504s & IEPs (Individual Education Plans)

Oppositional Defiant Behavior, Part One ~ $20 + $5 shipping

This DVD contains the following topics: * Is It Oppositional Defiance or an AD/HD Problem? * Reasons for Non Conforming Behavior * The Goal of Oppositional Behavior * Ways to Cope with Anger and Power Struggles

Oppositional Defiant Behavior, Part Two ~ $20 + $5 shipping

This DVD contains the following topics: * Look At Your Own Problem * Developing a Plan * Family Communication * Approaches to Problem Solving

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