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Specialist in ADHD Screening and Assessment, Coaching and Counseling

Counseling, Training, In-service Presentations, and Public Speaking

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you charge and do you take insurance?

Susan charges $150.00 per hour. She is a provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield. Clients having other insurance coverage can contact their insurer to determine what is paid when seeing an out of network provider. Usually insurance companies will pay a major portion of the fee.

What services do you provide?

Services for adults include work issues, family issues, personal and home management issues, depression or anxiety issues, family of orign and adult education issues.

How often will I need to come for counseling and for how long will I come?

Generally clients are seen once a week unless they are in crisis. Length of time spent in therapy depends on several factors. If there are a few problems and clients work hard, counseling can take 10 or fewer sessions. If the problems are severe and/or numerous or clients are moving slowly to work on the issues, counseling may take several months. Resolving issues is hard work and commitment to working on the issues is important.

How long does counseling take for people who have ADHD issues?

After the assessment at the first meeting, teens can be helped with strategies for a couple of sessions. In a follow up session, if the teens has incorporated strategies, they will finish with counseling until other strategies are needed.

For children, both parents and the child meet in the first session to assess problems. Based on the outcome there are several possibilities; the parents and child may be seen to work on strategies, the parents may be seen to work on alternative behavioral approaches, the child may be seen alone to work on issues and/or referrals may be made to other resources that could be helpful.

Often when strategies are the primary need, length of counseling is fairly short. However, if there are numerous problems, severe problems or the client is somewhat resistant to making changes, counseling can take many months.

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